5 Ways to Build Digital Assets

Here's How to Build Digital Assets - According to Wikipedia an asset is a business benefit that is expected to be provided at a later date from an economic resource. So it can be concluded that assets are the same as wealth or resources owned by an entity. While digital is a binary number consisting of the digits 1 and 0 only. And the database of all computer systems using a digital system.

Many online companies use digital systems as a medium for promoting their business. So, we can conclude that digital assets are anything that can generate sales, such as social media, websites, email lists, telephone contacts and others.

Almost everyone uses social media. In addition to just entertainment they also use it as a tool to socialize online. You can also do online business with this social media. With many people making purchases online, this is a great opportunity for your online business. Considering that there are more and more people who are successful because of their online business through websites and social media.

You don't need to have a shop or even rent a shop for this online business. You only need to use the digital assets that you have and then you have to often create creative content so that potential customers are interested in buying your product or service. Consistent content will make customers more confident in the products you offer. The content created can be in the form of content that contains elements of awareness education, discussion and much more. The embodiment of content can be in the form of images, videos, articles and others.

There are several ways to develop a business through digital assets, including:

1. Facebook

Facebook is a social networking site that is used to send long distance messages, upload photos and videos, add friends, and so on. With this Facebook you can freely post product content from your business. The quality of the image produced when the image is uploaded also does not change. Because it has a fixed image resolution. You can also upload multiple images at once.

2. Instagram

Instagram makes it easy for you to display simple products. You can easily upload photos or videos about your products on Instagram. You can also create concepts on Instagram yourself so that your Instagram feed looks neater and attracts customers. The display is easy to arrange in such a way with a simple display. You can load 5 different accounts in this one app. So that you can use Instagram as digital asset management.

3. Youtube

With YouTube, you can create various kinds of inspirational videos that aim to inspire many people as well as market your products so that they are famous and in demand. Youtube can be used as a presence, from here you can prepare videos about explanations about the products you sell. Most people are more interested in watching videos than reading long explanations. Long writing makes potential consumers lazy to read it. And you can upload it once a week.

4. Website

Create articles that contain details of your product. Make a promo and event on your website so that your website visitors can participate in spreading the article. Always update the article every week.

5. E-mail

Almost everyone uses email. People who have a smartphone will of course register an email first. Without registering the email the smartphone cannot be used. And one person can have 2 emails at once. I don't know if it's because I forgot my password or something. for business people may have 2 for personal and one for business. You can track how many emails were sent, what percentage of sent messages were not delivered, how many opened the email, how many people opened the link in the email, how many people unsubscribed when they received your email, and how many people who join or shop because of the email.